Dear woman,

in Germany every pregnant woman is entitled to regular medical care, counselling and assistance from a midwife (Hebamme) or a gynaecologist (Frauenärztin/Frauenarzt). This service is called antenatal care (Schwangerenvorsorge) . It is paid for by your health insurance company or by the social services (Sozialamt) if you do not have medical insurance.

What happens at antenatal care appointments?
  • You will get information and advice about the course of your pregnancy and about what you can do for your and your baby’s health.
  • The midwife or gynaecologist will monitor your well being and that of your baby throughout your pregnancy.
  • The midwife or gynaecologist will check your blood pressure and take blood and urine samples for analysis. They check whether your child is growing well either by abdominal examination (midwife) or by ultrasound (gynaecologist).
  • You will be given a booklet, called Mutterpass, where the results of the antenatal examinations will be documented. You should always carry this Mutterpass with you throughout your pregnancy.

  • During the antenatal appointments you can discuss all your questions concerning your pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period with the midwife or the doctor. It may be a good idea to write down your questions beforehand so you will not forget them. The midwife and the gynaecologist are bound by medical confidentiality. Therefore they are not allowed to pass on any information regarding their clients. This means that no-one will get to know what you discuss with your midwife or doctor, unless you wish so.